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Tonghua Huazhong Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd.

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Tonghua Huazhong Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. is the second official 4S shop invested by the Huayang Group of Jilin Province in the Tonghua area with automobile sales, after-sales service……

Tonghua Huazhong Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. is the second official 4S shop invested by the Huayang Group of Jilin Province in the Tonghua area with automobile sales, after-sales service, spare parts supply and information feedback. It was officially put into operation on November 18, 2017. Mainly engaged in the high-end WEY brand of Great Wall, the company has perfect hardware facilities, mature management and operation, unified external image, filling the blank of domestic luxury SUV in Tonghua area; opening a new chapter of WEY brand. The company will adhere to the spirit of "pursuing excellence and strive for the first", inject the concept of "excellence" into all aspects of market, sales and after-sales service, and interpret the classic legend of corporate goals.