Jilin Province Huayang Group 2019 "Beginning to Heart, Yue Ran Hua - Carnival Night" was a complete success!

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  Huayang Group, Jilin Province 2019 "Initial Min Zhiyuan, Yueran Yuhua

  - Carnival Night is a complete success!

  On the morning of January 19, the year-end summary meeting of Jilin Huayang Group Co., Ltd. was held at Huayang Hotel. The senior leaders of the group and the middle and senior leaders of each branch attended the meeting.

  Ms. Li Huixia, the deputy general manager of the group, summed up the achievements and shortcomings of the past year at the meeting. Thanks to the efforts of every Huayang people, the new year will go all out to achieve a greater leap. Subsequently, the group recognized advanced teams and outstanding individuals who made outstanding contributions in 2018.

  Group Deputy General Manager Li Huixia speaks

  2018 annual advanced team

  Excellent individual of 2018

  Blooming Carnival Night

  On the evening of the 19th, Huayang Group’s annual meeting of “The Heart of the Heart, the End of the Year, the Carnival Night” was celebrated at the Huayang Hotel in Changchun! The senior leaders of Huayang Group and the middle and high-level leaders of each branch attended the event and attended a wonderful annual conference feast.

  Along with all the guests on the scene stood up and hand in hand, shouting out from the bottom of my heart, "Huayang, come on!" officially opened the prelude of the annual meeting!

  The whole audience stood up and shouted "Huayang, come on!"

  "Being attentive to the heart, Yueran Yuhua" is a warm annual theme. As a Huayang person, we have a dream, a heartfelt heart, and each year's gathering makes the footsteps more meaningful. Standing in the end of the year and looking forward to the future, Ms. Li Huixia, the deputy general manager of the group, gave every Huayang people sincere encouragement.

  Yuan Yanli, the chairman and wife of Mr. Liu Chang, who is far away overseas, and the students of Liu Chang’s teacher sent a sincere New Year’s greeting to everyone through the video. Yin Jiayi, the love girl of Mr. Yin and Liu Chang, also prepared a special New Year gift for everyone!

  Mr. Li’s speech

  Teacher Liu Chang wishes the video

  Yin Jiayi Chinese painting custom hand-painted biscuits

  At the party, the wonderful programs brought infinite touch and joy! Huayang has more than 20 years of wind and rain, and there are a group of people who have always accompanied Huayang, dedicated the most beautiful youth, and the time has passed. Their faith in the heart of Huayang when they first joined hands has never changed!

  "I changed, I have not changed"

  I don't know when it started, the horns turned from blue to white, and the face was slightly vicissitudes. Thank you for your wonderful years to Huayang.

  "I am old when I am alone"

  Huayang’s family members have dedicated their talents to add lustre to our annual meeting, which has led to a burst of applause!

  Social dance "heart love"

  "Pink memories"

  The fun and full of jigsaw puzzles made the guests laughed and laughed. At the end of the party, Mr. Li took out the final prize of the game by rolling the dice and pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax!

  Jigsaw puzzle

  General Li draws the ultimate prize

  As the familiar melody sounded, the audience cheered up and sang "Huayang, I am proud of you!" ", the words of sincerity are sung in the hearts of every Huayang person. May 2019 carry Huayang people with the same dream. For the ideal and persistence of the heart, do a dream of running hard and always cherishing the heart. People, create new achievements for Huayang!

  "Beginning to the heart, Yueran Yuhua", because Huayang, we met each other, and joined hands to create countless glory, tonight, unforgettable 2018, Huayang people walked together, Huayang people fearless!

  All the chorus "Huayang, I am proud of you"

  Huayang Group leadership group photo

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