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Changchun Huayang Automobile Trade Co., Ltd.
Huayang Group has more than 6,000 formal employees and 100% social insurance participation rate. The company has a Love Foundation to help people with financial difficulties within and outside the company. At the end of 2007, the Trade Union Committee of Jilin Huayang Group Co., Ltd. was established and actively organized trade union activities to benefit the employees and benefit the people.
2010 Huayang Group Annual Meeting    2011 Huayang Group Annual Meeting
2012 Huayang Group in Tianyu Resort
Hotel, Sanya, Hainan ProvinceHosted the
annual meeting of “Glory Huayang • Enjoy Sanya”.
In 2013, Huayang Group held a year-end summary meeting and theme annual meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.
2014 Beijing Wanshi Celebrity Hotel Annual Meeting
2015 Beijing Wanshi Celebrity Hotel Annual Meeting
2016 Changchun Bailu Hotel Annual Meeting
2017 Huayang Hotel Annual Meeting Photo
2018 Huayang Hotel Annual Meeting Photo
Group photo of the 2019 Changchun Huatian Hotel Annual Meeting
       Group photo of the 2020 Japan Enjoyment Tour Kyoto
In 2009, in order to solve the problem of employee housing, Yin did not count the company's losses, downgraded the company's original commercial land to civilian land, and started construction of more than 400 sets of Huayang Group's staff, providing employees with strong welfare protection. The company promotes the corporate culture concept of “people-oriented, creating a win-win situation”, actively establishes the spirit of employee ownership, organizes a variety of employee activities, engages employees, fosters a sense of belonging of employees into the team, and improves employee satisfaction.

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