OUTLINE:HuayangGroup,JilinProvince2019"InitialMinZhiyuan,YueranYuhua  -CarnivalNightisacompletesuccess!  OnthemorningofJanuary19,theyear-endsummarymeetingofJilinHuayangGroupCo.,Ltd.washeldatHuayangHotel.These
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Release Time:2021-09-15

OUTLINE:In August of this year, the State Grid Key Technology Project “Development of Key Technologies and Equipment for Mobile Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles” and “Motor Vehicle Mobile Wirele
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OUTLINE:On the road of research and development of high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries, the leading battery manufacturer, BAK Battery, is running ahead. On September 16, BAK Battery and the new……
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OUTLINE:The promotion of new energy vehicles in China is mainly concentrated in first- and second-tier cities. The top ten cities with the highest cumulative sales in 2017 were Shanghai, Beijing……
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