What are the cars with high chassis? Chassis high car recommendation

【OUTLINE】:There are many types and brands of cars. Different types of cars are suitable for different groups of people. If the car with a high chassis has a good road, the advantages will be more. The small ser
There are many types and brands of cars. Different types of cars are suitable for different groups of people. If the car with a high chassis has a good road, the advantages will be more. The small series today is recommended for everyone with a high chassis. Let's take a look at Xiaobian!
Car recommendation with high chassis: Changan Suzuki Tianyu Shangyue
Tianyu Shangyue is a compact family car. It has excellent ground clearance and it has a lot to do with the platform hatchback. Tianyu Shangyue's hatchback version is the Tianyu SX4, a crossover with a SUV shape and excellent performance. Therefore, Shang Yue also inherits this advantage. The minimum ground clearance of 175mm is outstanding in the same class, and it has excellent adaptability to the road conditions.
Tianyu Shangyue's front face design is exactly the same as the hatchback version of the SX4. The chrome-plated grille has a large Suzuki logo inlaid in the center. The horizontal grille design highlights a wider visual effect than the actual value, and also makes the whole vehicle look More stable. 205 wide tires and 16-inch multi-format aluminum alloy wheels are helpful for improving performance. The tail is designed with a duck-tail design to reduce the wind resistance and provide downforce, which makes the vehicle run at a higher speed. This design is necessary for high chassis models. After all, if the chassis is too high, it will have an impact on the stability of the vehicle.
Shangyue's interior is warm and elegant, and the color matching on the top and bottom is in line with today's trend. The center console has a strong overall feel, and it is young and fashionable with bright silver decorative strips. Air conditioning knobs are also ordinary mechanical, although the appearance is somewhat outdated, but does not affect daily use. The instrument panel uses a blue and white background with a large-size computer display that displays fuel consumption, gear position, temperature and cruising range.
In terms of space, the 2500mm wheelbase has no advantages in the same class. Fortunately, out of the cross-border platform, Shangyue’s head space performance is acceptable. The rear suspension adopts a non-independent torsion beam structure, which can improve the utilization of the interior space while saving costs.
Tianyu Shangyue is equipped with 1.6L and 1.8L two-displacement naturally aspirated engines, all of which use VVT ​​continuously variable valve timing system, with maximum power of 80kW and 96kW respectively, and maximum torque of 144Nm and 170Nm. With the 5-speed manual and 4-speed manual transmission, the power and fuel economy performance is good.
Chassis high car recommendation: Fu Ruisi
Forreus was developed by Ford British engineers in 1964. Mass production began at the end of 1967 and was unveiled at the Brussels Auto Show in early 1968. Not only does it exist as a successful compact family car, it is also the first to launch Ford's sporty version of the economical RV in Europe to participate in the rally event, setting the image of Ford's sports avant-garde in this class. Forreus is a new mid-level new model family sedan developed with a focus on Ford's global product development resources and strength, as well as a deep understanding of China's consumer demand in the world's largest automotive consumer market.

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