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【OUTLINE】:As we all know, gasoline is the source of the "life" of every car. It is as important as a fish can't be separated from water. However, the normal operation of the engine will inevitably produce……
As we all know, gasoline is the source of the "life" of every car. It is as important as a fish can't be separated from water. However, the normal operation of the engine will inevitably produce carbon deposits. The carbon deposit failure will usually occur after the vehicle travels tens of thousands of kilometers, such as the engine. Jitter, idle speed, fuel consumption, acceleration, power, knock, knocking, poor start, azole car, exhaust gas, etc.
Outside the repair shop, 4s shop according to the manufacturer's requirements to drive more than 20,000 kilometers of vehicles, maintenance will need to clean the engine carbon, such as throttle, intake, injector, combustion chamber, three-way catalytic converter, the entire cleaning must be at least a thousand Diversified, but also wait 5-6 hours; some luxury cars are more expensive to clean, and the fuel injectors and valve deposits alone are several hundred yuan; some vehicles can't do the whole system cleaning fault lights. Exclusion, it will cause the vehicle to repeatedly replace parts, or continue to high fuel consumption, low power driving, and eventually cause the vehicle to overhaul prematurely.
The use of chemical cleaning agents to clean the engine is mainly to soften the carbon deposit by means of a hanging bottle or directly into the engine at the high temperature of the engine, and then discharge the carbon deposit through the bombing throttle. It is necessary to remind the owners that because the chemical cleaning components in the cleaning agent have a certain corrosive effect on the rubber supply pipeline, when using this method, it is necessary to pay attention to the use cycle and interval time, otherwise it will speed up the fuel rubber supply pipeline. Aging and corrosion. There is also the "free chemical cleaning" for the engine with serious carbon deposits. This method is not enough to achieve the purpose of complete cleaning and cleaning. If the technology is not too hard, some of the old cars will not be cleaned in the combustion chamber. The piston ring is stuck; or the injector may be severely blocked; or it may cause a three-way catalytic blockage; then it can only be disassembled or overhauled. It is not that the cleaning is not good, but the standard of domestic gasoline and oil is uneven. You can't wash it, and the cost of trouble and folding is high.
We found that there is a way to subvert the traditional way to remove carbon deposits. “To clean carbon deposits, you have to see it yourself.” This is the standard for carbon removal proposed by Yi Pai Company: before and after cleaning the internal carbon deposits of the engine with an endoscope. Take a photo, let the user see the cleaning effect with your own eyes, and achieve the purpose of saving the user time and saving the cost. This project to remove carbon deposits is called: easy to discharge "one oil."
Easy to discharge "one oil" is a product that scientifically removes carbon deposits from automobile fuel system by means of disassembly-free, non-destructive, safe, efficient, long-lasting, time-saving and money-saving. The easy-to-discharge "one oil" is directly installed (clamped) on the fuel inlet pipe of the automobile, and the carbon can be cleaned to the injector, the intake valve, the combustion chamber, the three-way catalytic converter, the fuel pipeline, etc. under normal driving. Prevent and solve the carbon deposition faults caused by carbon deposition, fuel consumption, poor start-up, knocking, acceleration, and exhaust gas.
If your vehicle has acceleration and weakness, engine jitter, fuel consumption, excessive exhaust gas, insufficient power, etc., it is recommended to use a set of easy to discharge "one oil", 1280 yuan is equivalent to a big maintenance for the fuel system, you can exempt you Time to wait for the repair shop and 4S shop, safe, efficient, long-term use for one-time installation, easy to arrange "one oil" major installation stores and regular endoscopic effect detection activities.
Some friends also asked: Can a set solve the carbon problem? Why do I see that others are installing two sets? Yes, if you just want to remove carbon deposits, one set can be solved. It is true that most of the owners will install two sets, because the installation of two sets of your car is more dynamic, push back stronger, and open more cool. We also have some car owners who are more willful and directly require the installation of three or four sets.

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