The electric car is on fire, the first time should be handled like this...

【OUTLINE】:Driven by the subsidy policy, in recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly. After experiencing a slogan, there have been many electric vehicle fires in recent times, which has led……
Driven by the subsidy policy, in recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly. After experiencing a slogan, there have been many electric vehicle fires in recent times, which has led people to reflect on the safety of batteries and the rational development of new energy vehicles. .
In fact, there is currently no data on the dangers of electric vehicles and ordinary cars. However, according to a research institute in the United States, there is a car fire every three minutes on the US highway, but there is no specific data to show who is safer for electric and non-electric vehicles. US Tesla has said that Tes Reports of 300,000 electric vehicles driving on the road show that their electric vehicles are ten times less likely to catch fire than fuel vehicles.
Despite this, Tesla's electric cars often have a fire. So, when faced with a burning electric car, many people don't know how to put it out? When the electric car is on fire, what should be done to minimize the loss? Below, OFweek new energy car network according to the country The fire-fighting department's new energy vehicle fire-fighting regulations have been sorted out for everyone's reference.
1. Understand and ask
When the fire is received, the car will be asked. Once the electric car is on fire, the fire center will ask about the brand and model of the electric car, and also read the new energy car database, search the car service manual and the car "rescue guide" 》 and other materials. These are all for a quick understanding of the car's power battery type and capacity, as well as the vehicle's maximum voltage, high-voltage line direction ... and even with the local dealers to understand the relevant information and prepare.
2, anti-electric measures are very important
If the fire is just starting, in the event of a power outage, be sure to turn off the power immediately, and also load the car key into the signal shielding bag and place the bag 10 meters away from the vehicle.
If the person has escaped from the car during the fire, the firefighter must pull a distance of 15 meters or more. At the same time, electric vehicles need to pay special attention to anti-high voltage electric shock compared with fuel vehicles. They must not use the rescue tools to blindly penetrate the shield, or puncture, cut, split, or disassemble any structure of the vehicle, especially the anti-puncture capability. Poor ternary lithium battery model. Firefighters must wear insulated gloves when they arrive. These measures are to prevent the high voltage system from posing a shock hazard to firefighters. After all, the basic voltage of the power battery is usually more than 380V and above the human body safety voltage.
3, anti-high temperature, anti-gas
In addition, in addition to high voltage protection, the electric vehicle fires must pay attention to the high temperature after the fire. The combustion temperature of gasoline in common household cars is only 500 degrees Celsius after fire, but the power battery is on fire, the temperature can reach 1000 degrees Celsius, and after the power battery is burned, a large amount of toxic gases such as hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen cyanide, etc. will be generated. Protection and gas protection requirements will be higher!
4, the circuit fires a lot of water to destroy?
In many people's memory, the circuit can't use water, but the power battery is an exception. Fire is not without water, but more water is needed! For example, check out Tesla's emergency rescue manual to find out: If the fire is small, it will not spread. To the battery compartment, you can use carbon dioxide or ABC dry powder fire extinguisher. If the fire is large, you need to use more water, because the power battery will bend, deform and damage in the fire. If the water is too small, the toxic gas will ooze a lot. At this time, you must pay attention to the leakage caused by the scene. So we have emphasized before, try to stay away from the body.
5, smoke is high risk, must be monitored for a long time
There is another feature after the battery fires, it is difficult to put out. The batteries of electric vehicles are often lithium batteries. Many electric vehicle brand emergency rescue manuals will tell you that it may take 24 hours for the battery to catch fire. The smoke indicates that the battery is still in a high temperature state and must be monitored until the battery no longer smokes. After more than an hour, because the battery is extremely easy to re-ignite. There was an electric car that smoked late at night. After the firefighters arrived, the firefighters directly shattered the casing and sprinkled the water. It is precisely because the smoke means short-circuit and high temperature of the battery, which is extremely dangerous!
On the whole, the probability of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles in normal use in daily life can be said to be not high. In the process of research and development, manufacturers will also consider the battery safety after the impact of electric vehicles. Therefore, when electric vehicle batteries are found In the first time of the problem, under the premise of ensuring personal safety, according to the normal operation process, first cut off the power supply and then seek other help, which can minimize the loss of economic loss and the degree of harm reduction.

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