President’s Oration
Through hard work of more than 20 years, Huayang Group have scored outstanding achievements with its diligence and wisdom, and gradually developed into a large diversified conglomerate company. Being grateful, looking back to its evolutionary process, Huayang Group owes all this to the hard work of all employees and the support from all walks of life. Here, I would like to sincerely thank people from all sectors of society and each and every old and new customer of Huayang Group for your great care and support. It is you with your confidence in us that have injected the inexhaustible power into Huayang Group to make it forward.
It is the will that leads to accomplishments, and it is diligence that expands careers. Previ ous glories only represent the past. Facing the future, we are more confident. Huayang Group, with its s cholarly rigor, its professional service and its international quality standards, will provide each and ev ery customer with sincere and thoughtful professional services, as always.
Huayang Group understands deeply that we need to take sure and steady steps on the road to the future in order to attain our group’s goal to build a first-class modern enterprise group. Cherishing an eternal grateful heart, we will repay society with actions and achievements. May we walk hand in hand towards a more brilliant future.

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