1. On November 12, 2007, donated 100 sets of costumes of the Communist Youth League “Songliao Land Miles”.
2. In May 2008, donated UNICEF 50,000 yuan.
3. On May 15, 2008, under the leadership of Chairman Yin Yanli, Huayang Group organized a large-scale donation activity for the earthquake-stricken area in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. The event raised a total of more than 210,000 yuan (including Yin Yanli’s personal donation of 100,000 yuan).
4. In June 2008, it donated 70,000 yuan to the Wenchuan earthquake again.
5. In 2008, investing 300,000 yuan to build Xiushui Town in Yushu City is larger than the small school building.
6. In 2009, invested 300,000 yuan to build a small school building in Guangming Village, Tiantai Town, Dehui City.
7. In December 2009, the student was donated 26,500 yuan.
8. In 2010, invest 300,000 yuan to build Liuxi Primary School in Chengzi Street, Jiutai City.
9. On April 26, 2010, Jilin Huayang Group Co., Ltd. held a charity fund-raising event called “Love Tree Yushu, Huayang Love” in the Audi Exhibition Hall of Huayang Automobile Trade. The event raised a total of nearly 190,000 yuan (including Yin Yanli's personal donation of 100,000 yuan).
10. In the summer of 2010, floods and mudslides occurred in most parts of the country. Chairman Yin Yanli organized the Huayang Group to donate activities in the first time. The fundraising has raised a total of 600,000 yuan (including the personal donation of 300,000 yuan by Chairman Yin Yanli). 11. In April 2011, the company invested 300,000 yuan to build the Science and Technology Museum of the 47th Middle School of Changchun City.
12. In May 2011, the model worker donated 3,000 yuan.
13. In December 2011, 300,000 yuan was invested to donate to Changchun Public Security Night Watch Police.
14. In 2013, the affected villagers donated 50,000 yuan of water-destroyed houses.
15. On April 26, 2013, Huayang Group organized the “Huayang Love, Pray for Ya'an” charity donation activities, and raised a total of more than 120,000 yuan.
16. In 2013, donated RMB 500,000 to condolences to the police.
17. In 2014, donated 1041 sets of down jackets worth 200,000 yuan from orphan schools in Jilin Province.
18. In 2015, donated RMB 160,000 worth of materials from the Environmental Protection Department of the Economic Development Zone of Changchun City.
19. In the summer of 2015, Huayang Group employees donated RMB 220,000 to patients with liver cancer.
20. In 2016, Jilin University celebrated a donation of 1 million yuan.
21. In 2017, Liu Libin, an elderly employee of Huayang Storage and Transportation Co., gave a 100,000 yuan condolence payment.
A total of more than 5 million yuan in donations and donations (statistics on November 24, 2017).

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